time to shine!

Outdoor lighted signs increase nighttime visibility and create additional aesthetic appeal. Nearly any sign can be illuminated in some fashion, and we can employ a range of lighting types to accommodate your style and budget.

There are a few different ways to light a sign, and they all produce a different look.

  • Internally lit signs: Internally lit elements simply glow. Channel letters are a tried and true method of internal lighting, but we achieve similar effects with internal LEDs as well.
  • Back-lit signs: Back-lighting creates a halo effect around the elements of your sign.
  • Illuminated push-through letters: Push-through letters create texture even on an unlit sign. But when lit, the light shines out the sides of the letters creating a unique effect.
  • Cabinet/box signs: A sign cabinet features your sign design printed on a box which contains a light source. Can be attached to the face of a building, or mounted on a pole for more height & visibility.
  • Top-lit signs: A simple solution for sign lighting, similar to some billboards. Lights are attached to the wall above the sign, then pointed at the face of the sign.

Illuminated sign lighting can be used to create a dramatic effect on indoor signs as well.

See our portfolio for examples of various lighting types.

past projects

Custom solutions

Have a unique idea for your sign’s lighting? Let us know. We can combine lighting types and depth in the sign design to create new & interesting effects.